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Whether you plan to move on base or off base, C&C Moving (LLC) will mitigate the transition “Stress Free”.  We take value in the personal belongings of others, your time, and will provide you with the most affordable price compared to our competitors.  We specialize in the following areas:


  • Full House Move
  • Providing boxes for the customer to pack (price of boxes and the move are included in the quote)
  • Personal Purchases (PX,MCX, etc…) and delivery
  • Moving and dropping off motorcycles
  • Government Furniture (FMO); or personal


We can be reached at 080 4867 2735 for a free estimate please call

Mon - Sat between the hours of 8:00AM – 6:00PM

C&C Moving Trucks
Chris from C&C Moving
Three C&C Moving Trucks



Pick up and delivery of government furniture
Personal purchases from furniture stores
Transporting motorbikes
House moves to include packing


Areas Covered


We cover all bases and all in between Nago-Naha

Distance fees may apply as we are located in Okinawa city



Free Estimates


Ask us for a free estimate. Use our form below or links to emails us

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